The products: natural juices and concentrates

Our production is based on an almost standardized range, manufactured to customer specification, the following products, ranging from natural juice concentrates and preparations, it is clear that turbid.

Watermelon – New

  • Natural Watermelon juice 100% Italian
  • Watermelon concentrate

Prickly pear – New

  • Natural Prickly pear juice 100% Italian
  • Prickly pear concentrate


  • Natural Pomegranate juice 100% Italian
  • Natural Juice Pomegranate NFC 100% Italian Organic
  • Prepared pomegranate conc. 50 ° BX 100% Italian
  • Prepared pomegranate 60th BX 100% Italian


  • Lemon concentrate
  • Lemon prepared 44th BX
  • Lemon prepared 48th BX


  • Red orange juice NFC 100% Italian
  • Orange concentrate
  • Orange Prepared 55th BX
  • Orange Prepared 60th BX


  • Clementine juice NFC 100% Italian
  • Tangerine juice NFC 100% Italian
  • Tangerine concentrate


  • Bergamot concentrate

All products offered by the company comply with the requirements of quality, food safety and hygiene, ensuring traceability and authenticity, in accordance with national and international guidelines and applicable legislation. there
International Juices through a voluntary control system (VCS), manages all documentation of the products purchased, sold and processed, keeping the samples, respecting the creation / storage quality measures.
This kind of monitoring is possible to obtain them thanks to the presence of its own laboratory within the company itself, by chemical specialized and adequate instrumentation present in the laboratory, for the physico-chemical and microbiological control of raw materials and finished products.

Our products can be supplied in the following packaging:

Drums of LT 200/250

Bucket LT 20/25

Loose in the tank 25 tons

Bag inbox lt. 5/15/25/220/1000

The whole can be provided in aseptic packaging.

The packages we provide are all recyclable and zero environmental impact.